Official departure of Jinyu tire sponsored High-speed train

On 17th Oct, the "Guangrao Rubber Tire Characteristic Industry Cluster" high-speed train naming ceremony took place at Qingdao Railway Station. Jinyu Tire, as a representative of Guangrao tire industry, participated in this naming event. Zhong Changmin, the Deputy General Manager of Jinyu Tire Group, attended the inaugural ceremony and cut the ribbon for the inaugural train along with leaders from the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Dongying City Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Guangrao County Department of Industry and Information Technology.

Trains named in this event would run on these mainlines of high-speed train, including Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Guangzhou, Shandong ring line, Hebei-Fujian, Zhengzhou-Xi'an and others. The moving area would cover 3 direct-controlled municipalities and 13 provinces, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong and Shaanxi. The named high-speed train signified that Shandong Province's characteristic industrial cluster, represented by the Guangrao Rubber Tire industry, officially entered the fast track of development!

In 2020, the Guangrao rubber tire industry cluster was selected into 2020 Characteristic Industrial Cluster of Shandong Province and Top 10 Industries Echelon Cluster. Guangrao rubber tires industry laid the scale foundation of "China tire industry stands out from the World, Shandong tire industry stands out from China, Guangrao tire industry stands out from Shandong" through cluster effect.

Jinyu Tire, as an outstanding tire enterprise in Guangrao who always adheres to the brand concept of "time tells quality" and takes product quality as the base of brand development, has laid a solid market foundation. High-speed train has become a main means of transportation for the public and the main media platform for Chinese brands. With the help of China's high-speed rail, this naming has achieved cross boundary dissemination of enterprise information. It has created a moving 3D business card of JINYU. JINYU can show the new image and vitality of the brand and further expand the brand popularity and influence in the market.